Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Day One

It's fabulous and exhausting.  It's now nearly 8 pm and I'm exhausted and sleepy and threatening to go to sleep right after this entry.  I could have have done it without the scooter. Not at all.

We say lots of cool shit today.  And a lot of same old, same old.  If the rest of the show is like today's, it's the year of the external charger... how many milliamps can you pack into a pretty package.  There are still a ton of iphone cases - doesn't every iphone owner have one by now??

The big curve tv's were not nearly as impressive as their hype would lead you to believe.  And the booth babes at a tech show are just sad.

I did get romanced by the New York Times and renewed my lapsed subscription.  As a tangible sign of our love, he gave me a very fancy Lands End canvas bag.

There are three main halls at the convention center and then several floors of the Venetian that are all stuffed with exhibits.  We saw two of the three halls.  We'll likely do the Venetian and the other hall tomorrow and then use Thursday for clean up.

The pool is only open from 9-5 and there has been no time. And maybe won't be.  Oh well.

I checked on Zoey a few times. Sometimes she was in her spot and sometimes not. I do miss that little ball of fur!

I may well wake up at 3 am but I'm just too whipped to stay up any later tonight.
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