Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So... far

I got up, showered, dressed, to the train, on the train and thought about how many ways my trip could have already hit a hitch and  hadn't.  Then I made it through TSA and on to the gate and on to the plane and off the plane and now I am in the LV airport having the thought again.  My list of 'thank goodness xxx didn't happen' is growing mightily.

I did manage to spill a very nearly full Diet Dr. Pepper all over me and my phone.  The guy next to me grabbed the phone.  The guy across the aisle and the woman behind him collected spare napkins so I could dab at me and clean the tray while the guy next to me and the woman on the other side of him, cleaned off my phone thoroughly.

It was diet so no sugar and so not sticky. My outfit is black, so no stains.  My phone survived without missing a beat.  And my plane posse was awesome.  I turned out fine and dandy really.

This airport is packed.  They are announcing flight problems with flights going east.  My brother's flight from Austin is late.  But, it's in the air and will really only be an hour late.  No biggie.  The airport wifi is way better than last year.  I could go on to the hotel but I think I'd just as soon hang here and go with him - save on cab and be more fun.

I've got tons to keep me occupied.  I'm listening to a good book. And the people watching in Las Vegas is just unparalleled.

So far... so good!!
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