Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Oh, my bags are packed and I'm ready to go... leavin' on a jet plane but not for 23 hours yet.  I have my boarding pass printed. I need to find that flat water bottle. I know it's kickin' around here somewhere.  I have everything in my bag except my phone, my drivers license, my rail pass, a $20 and the clothes I'll wear to the airport.  There is a fair amount of room left in the bag, too.  I'm taking a fair amount of pride in that.

This morning I made a list of things I want to have in hand before my bag goes in the overhead bin and put those things together at the top so I can just reach in and get them easily before the bag goes up.

I must say that I do good anticipation. I wallow in it.  This is my one trip in the year and I like to make the most of it!


I did not realize Zoey spent so much time on the fish bed until I put that camera back there.  I thought she was only there when I was gone.  Turns out, it's really her room.


I think I'm not going anywhere today.   I considered fighting the Sunday crowds at the pool for one last swim. I considered brunch somewhere.  I considered some shopping.  And then I decided against all of it.  I'm still in bed now with Zoey curled up between me and the laptop.  I think I'll enjoy this a bit more and then go make some breakfast.
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