Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Living on the ignored coast

Last night all of the news - even the local freakin' news - was about the disastrous snow storm about to hit the country.  On the local news this info was just before our own meteorologists then launched into their local forecasts of the dry, cool (but not cold) days to come.  Just now I read two blog posts about all the snow that covers 'the entire country'.

HELLO!  Hey, Florida, you feelin' this???  There is a large part of this country that is without horrible weather and without snow.  But, hey, if New York, Washington DC and Chicago get it then the whole country is under weather attack.  grrrr


I just cancelled Showtime and HBO. I just really wasn't watching them and the upcoming stuff didn't look compelling enough to warrant the extra $20 a month.  And I sent an email to Discover that they would be seeing an usual uptick in activity on my account in a different city.

I think now I'm going to wander across the street to the ATM and maybe then also pop into the Korean deli and get some lunch.
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