Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Today started off with a swim.  It was kind of a weird swim.  It was not effortless like some of them but it wasn't too bad either.  One of my favorite lifeguards who has worked the Friday early morning swims is moving on. I don't know if he's getting a different shift or not but just that today was his last day.

My plans are for a swim tomorrow morning. It could be tricky since the Seahawks are playing at home but the game isn't until 1:30 and the pool opens at 8:30. If I hurry home after, I should be back in the 'hood by 10 and be able to make it back into my garage. I just saw on my calendar that this game is a week from Saturday.  Okdokey.

Today is payday so I've already gone into all of my accounts and made sure the money is where is should be and stuff is all paid off for the month.  The only credit card I used this month was Discover and it's all tallied back to 0 and ready for the Las Vegas attack!  Happily, they are having a special 5% cash back on restaurant purchases starting yesterday.  And I plan to spend a pretty penny in restaurants in the next 7 days.  Works out quite nicely.  Thanks, Discover! I think I'll take a stroll over to the ATM and get some extra cash to take with, just in case.

No big plans for today. I might do some laundry but I might hold that off until Sunday or I might do both.  Otherwise just a regular day here.
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