Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

brain sweep

Two things have been bugging me and now I have a third so I'm going to document here and so wipe them out of the working part of my brain.

1.  I have a thing on my arm. It's a little round thing that looks like one of my regular blood bruises but is kind of raised in the center and not in a place where I would normally get a blood bruise. And I think it's getting bigger.  The hypochondriac in me says that it's fatal skin cancer.  The rest of me says a variety of things.  So what if it is?  What are you going to do about it? Nothing, right?  You can't have anyone dig in your arm because then you couldn't swim. And the skin doctor who would dig is no longer in practice. As much as you dislike new doctors, you want to go break in a new one? Probably you can't get in to see one until February when you have emergency only Very High Deductible insurance.  Revisit in March and quit thinking about this... Besides, if this thing was on your ass or back or somewhere where you couldn't see it, you wouldn't even know about it so just forgetaboutit.

2. I have a spot in my mouth on my gum that feels pretty much like an exposed nerve except only when I touch it.  It is in a place that I can ignore mostly.  But, I know that one day it's doing to develop into something I cannot ignore.  And, honestly, really, no kidding, I hope the fatal skin cancer wins this race.  I do not now nor will I ever until I die have dental insurance and this is ok because if there is any way in the world I can avoid it, I will not be going to the dentist.  This one, hard to get to, not a problem now spot just needs to be ignored.

3.  The pool is going to close to two fucking weeks!!  February 24-March 9.  This really bums me out. Yes I can go to other pools but I don't want to.  They are hard to get to - too much traffic, don't have parking, have hours that don't work for me, have water that is too warm, people that are mean...  boohooohoooo!  I decided today on the way home from the pool that my thinking plan is going to be to just figure I'll not swim for two weeks.  Then, if I can't stand it, I'll break down and go to another pool.  Attacked that way, maybe I'll be grateful to have another pool to go to rather than pissed my own pool is closed.

Yep, I am the Queen of Denial.

Brain cleaned... moving on.
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