Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Me and pizza

In the South, in the 50's, we didn't have pizza.  We had black eyed peas but  we had them all year round and I didn't know they were a New Years thing.  We had okra and like many many things it was deep fried and, so, delicious.  But, I didn't even know what pizza was until I went to college.

My college was just outside Wheeling, WV.  Most of the people at my college were from around there or from the Northeast.  They had been fed pizza instead of pablum (which, it occurs to me, may, itself, be an ancient reference).  Whenever we got to Wheeling, my friends made a beeline for DiCarlos.  They sold pizza - great, wonderful pizza - by the slice.  I feel in love.  DiCarlos pizza is square.  Their slices are square.  I didn't know about round pizza pies or pizza pie wedges until I got out of college in the 70's.

My tongue was still in love with DiCarlos so I wasn't that enamored with any pizza that came in a wedge.  I got over it but I've always had a weird pizza thing.  There are many fine pizza's I do not like.  I really don't like any grocery store frozen/fresh/whatever pizza. I've had fancy pizzzas that I liked ok, but didn't love.  Most pizzas enjoyed in a bar with a beer are good.  But, I don't hang out in beer joints much.

I've always meant to try Papa John'Murphy's. And there's one very near the pool.  Today I decided was the day to finally try it. I got a way too big pepperoni.  (The menu and the bored woman at the cash register only offered one size.  While she was putting mine together, I saw a 'medium' option on the list on the wall.  Next time.)

And it was good.  Really good.  Really really good.  And it came on its own cooking 'pan'. I cooked it at 425 for 10 minutes and then took it off the pan and cooked it on the oven rack for another 9 minutes and then let it sit for a couple of minutes more.  Really excellent.  And I liked that it had its own pan to cook on, slice on and it was easy peasy to toss, not big and bulky like boxes.

Next time I will get the medium and I will have some green olives on hand and maybe some mushrooms.  This could be a very nice habit.

Edited later when notmypresident pointed out that I should check Papa John's politics. I did and won't be doing any business there. But turns out I didn't anyway.  whew.
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