Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I don't really have a visceral feel for this being the end of the year.  I'm not a New Years Eve or New Years Day celebrant but, generally I am aware of an ending/beginning but this year not so much.  I did see a giant bag of New Years Eve party goodies in Walmart yesterday that whipped me back to the 50's.

My parents always went to New Year's Eve parties.  It was a dress up BFD event.  We got a babysitter (always fun) and Mother and Daddy were in their finest party attire.  Plus there was what I considered a huge payoff.  The next morning, on our pillows, were an array of whistles and poppers and paper masks and all manner of fabulous New Years Eve fodder.  It was like Christmas 2.0.

But as an adult, I've never been a big New Years Eve person.  And now, as an old adult, the only acknowledgement is understanding that services will be suspended and some stuff will be closed.  I do feel better about the number 2014 than 2013.


I have a loooong wall of shelves going down the length of my condo. The shelves hold photos and mugs and books and stuff.  The stuff builds up.  Periodically, I go through and cull the stuff and put it in a big plastic bin.  If, when next I cull, I still don't miss the formerly culled stuff, it goes to the Goodwill.  Yesterday was a culling. The shelves look so much nicer now.


I got my insurance card yesterday from my new Medicare Advantage plan. It won't kick in until March 1 but I feel way better knowing it's all in place.  I also got my final prescription filled under my COBRA insurance.  $155 for the cheapest of my inhalers (3 of them).  I have enough of everything - inhalers and pills - to last me until the new insurance has all settled in.  Whew.  And it's all paid for - not a minor deal.


The mail also brought the papers for the annual meeting of the condo home owners association.  The guy who has been president (and done a fabulous job) is resigning.  Our building has roughly 100 residential units and 10 commercial units.  It's kind of the weird spot of condos.  Too small to afford decent management and so big that it really requires it.  The unpaid head of the home owners association can have a huge impact on many of the things that make living here a nice place to live and maintain/grow the value of of my ownership.  An incompetent home owners association president probably won't negatively affect the value but could be a major PIA.

BUT, after years and years of living in condos - I moved into my first one in 1984 in Charlotte, North Carolina - I've steadily maintained my Golden Rule of Condo Living...  If I am not willing to help run the show, I need to just shut the fuck up.  I am so not willing to help run the show.  So... I will watch and wait and just be grateful for the years Jeff gave us.


Swimming won't be until the pool opens at 11.  And that's the only thing on my hit parade today.  The pool is closed tomorrow so I need to make today's swim count for two.
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