Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Done and done and now breathing

Scooping out kitty litter does not bother my breathing.  Emptying out the entire bin, sweeping up the spillage, wiping down the box, lining it all and refilling everything...  oh yeah...

I went to Walmart and I found nearly everything on my list, plus, they had one 10 pound box of bear stuffing left still at $19. (The last time I ordered it from Amazon, I paid $46.  I see that they have it on sale now for $19 BUT... they are out of stock!)  I'm fine with buying and hauling from Walmart.  But, it's nearly too big to fit into my car.  Very much too big to store there.  My one stash place for bear guts is full due to the last haul so...  I had to rearrange one closet to make room.  I put the kitty carrier which I used way too much of hauling kitties to the vet in the last 18 months, in another way less easier place to get to.  And I told Zoey that she was going to need to stay healthy and stay put.  Best I can tell she said ok.

Then down to the garage with the old litter and junk from that cleanup for the garbage bin, a giant bag of recycling, and on to the car to haul up the stuffing.  Stuffing put away and now I'm just sitting and breathing.  I have an hour before it's safe to suck on my rescue inhaler again.  So I'm going holistic on this one.  And, it's fine, really.

I don't have anything else that has to be done today.  I do need some lunch.  I'm thinking toasted cheese - I have a tomato to slice on top and I think maybe a couple of strips of bacon.  
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