Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy Monday

This week (and last) at the pool is different.  Some of the regulars are missing.  Some lanes have people I've never seen before.  The lifeguards have different shifts.  It's like the same but 25 pixels to the left.  Next week will likely be back to normal but I won't be there.  But my swim was good. The only day the pool is closed this week is Wednesday. I can handle that.

Next up on my hit parade is Walmart.  I'm trying now to decide if I want to go now and come on home after or wait a bit and have lunch on the way home.  Either way there should not be too much traffic.  There was zero on the way to and from the pool this morning.

Once supplies are procured, I need to completely break down, clean out and reassemble Zoey's bathroom.  Her litterbox and supplies is in a wooden chest (with a kitty door on the side).  My neighbor, Ann, will be doing to litterbox duties next week.  She has no animals and I want to keep the chore as pleasant as possible or at least remove as much ick out of the task as possible.  I'll take everything out and wash it down and lay liner down before I put the newly cleaned box and supplies.  I did a quickie version after Betty died, but it's time to do it right.

I spent most of yesterday listening to my latest audio book while I knitted, watched some of the football game (I have no clue what I'm watching but it is sure more pleasant without the sound), did random house chores.  I love audio books.  I do the book a month deal at Audible.Com and I'm thinking about upping it to 2 a month.  The library has a far better price but their selection of mp3 books is not that great and most of them are checked out so you have to place a hold and invariably the titles I want are released when I'm in the middle of another book.  Timing. I don't has it.  One great Audible feature is that if you don't like a book, you can return it for full credit.  It's a rather amazing feature.  If I can't hook into a particular book, I just return it and get another one.  It's a can't lose deal.

And I also need to change out the music on my swimming player.  This morning's selections were not that good.

Ok, now I need to get up and get going.  My swimsuit and towel are not going to get dry in that wadded up ball on the floor!
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