Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The Seahawks fans are gathering rather quietly this morning, especially compared to last week.   I've had a lovely morning.  Some internetting, some book listening, some game playing, some breakfasting and then some kitchen cleaning up.

The dishwasher is finishing up the kitchen clean up.  It's so cold in this room that I have the heater on which rarely happens.  I grew up with central heat but have come to love directed heat. I only heat up the spot that needs it and, when it gets warm enough, I turn the heater off.  Suits me.  This condo has baseboard electric heat which I turned on about twice to see if it worked.  After years of non-use, I was afraid to turn it on. The dust that must be in there is surely a massive fire hazard.  When I did my latest living room remodel, I even had them yank out the thermostat (it was ugly and in the way).  I hope the next people who live here don't mind...

This time next week, I'll get putting the final touches on my trip to Las Vegas readiness.  I think I have all the planning done.  The goal this year is to plan well enough to have plenty of room left in my travel case (which is plenty small enough to fit in the overhead bin).  I don't like to carry a purse or other bag - I want it all in my traveler.  Plus, there needs to be room for all the swag.

I was taught to pack by my Dad. He spent many years on the road in textile sales. And he had packing down to a precise science. His shirts and suits came out of that bag wrinkle free and he never carried anything he didn't absolutely need or use.  When I used to travel for work - most always with a group of men - I was always the one with the least amount of luggage both in size and number.  The guys were always astounded.  I took a ridiculous amount of pride in my packing prowess and still do.

The only question is whether or not to take a spare pair of shoes. I think, since I'm renting the scooter, I won't need them, but I haven't decided yet.

The rest of today will be a mix of bear knitting, tv watching and book listening.  I'm currently in the middle of "He's Gone".  It's not at all like my usual fair but it is oddly compelling.
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