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Saturday more

My swim was great.  I packed the ipod shuffle with random stuff and it turned out to be pretty good random stuff.  Sometimes when I shoot off from the side, and glide under water, seeing nothing but the blue water ahead, I feel like I'm in a movie with background music.  It's the weirdest, funnest feeling.

After swim, I went to Smith for breakfast.  I like their food but almost even better, I like the ambiance.  Not too quiet, not too loud, comfortable seat with lovely view.  And I can always get a table no waiting.  Today I parked about 3 blocks away to test my walking.  I even walked further because I took an alley and kind of got a little lost.  BUT, the good news is that it was a very easy walk. I did not get winded one bit.  Yeah!

After breakfast, I walked over to Safeway and found 2 of the 3 things I wanted but, still, a very comfortable walk. I'm relieved.

The back of my hair is getting too long - I think it's more that the last hair cutter (at my direction) didn't cut it close enough.  So I thought I'd pop by the closest Rudy's and if there was parking, I'd get a trim.   I got a trim.  Maybe even a bit too much but it's ok.  Neither haircutter - this one or last one - charged me the full price which was really nice.  Between the two cuts, tips and paying for parking, I still pretty much spent one cut's worth.  Nice.

In Seattle, we have precious few parking meters. Instead we have these funky, not very operational, unstaffed booth things.  You park your gar, then go find one of the booths and feed it your card and then get a receipt with a sticker that you then have to go back to your car and stick on the inside of your window.  It's a royal PIA.  Recently they have added a system connected to a phone app. I had tried it once before and it didn't work.  But, today I tried it and it did and it was AWESOME!

It has your license number and credit car number (which I had put in ahead of time).  So you just plug in the number on the parking sign and tell it how long you want and hit the button.  Sooooo simple.  You can add time without even going back to your car!  I paid for 30 minutes and was done before it ended but if I hadn't been, no prob to just add another 15 or 30.  They charge you a $.35 surcharge which, to me, is totally worth it.

Now home and happy to be here. I'm done running around for a bit.


Every photo I take with my phone (and actually even the few I take with the stand alone camera) are all uploaded automagically to Google (and also to Flickr but that's just a backup).  Google has started doing amazing things with them.  First of all, they enhance them, which in my case, has made all of them better.  Then they put snow on some or make animated gifs of others.  All kinds of fun things. BUT now they have outdone themselves...  They went through 2013 and put together a movie of my year.  All on their own - no input from me what so ever.  I just loaded up the photos and they selected which ones to use and made this movie and put it into my pictures in Google Plus.

I love it so much.  The star is Betty - the last days of Betty.  Zoey plays a supporting role.  You can see the bare patches Zoey had when I first got here.  (There are zero bare patches these days.)

It just captured my year so perfectly.  Google rocks my socks.

(I also think it's very interesting that there are no basket photos or bear pictures in the movie.  I'm fine with that but I think their building algorithm is just fascinating.)
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