Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My nose is way less runny this morning.  I don't know whether it fixed itself or the allergy pill I took fixed it but I don't care as long as it's fixed.  A trip to get lotion tissues is on my list this morning.  Hopefully, that will - in the way that taking an umbrella prevents rain - fix it for good.

This morning will start off with a swim.  The pool opens at 8:30 and I'll be there. Then breakfast and a grocery stop will likely round out my day.  Tomorrow is a home Seahawks game so I'll be staying inside my house for the duration.  So today's the day to do whatever needs to be done.

My hands and arms are in a healing phase.  The latest ugly purple blood bruises are healing and - knock wood and not my hands are arms please - there are no new ones. It makes me feel so much better, especially in a swim suit - much less damaged. I would so love to take normal looking hands and arms to Las Vegas.  But, probably, somewhere along the packing and hauling stuff to the airport will result in some horrible ugly popping up.  I'm ready with long sleeves.

Also the tennis elbow in my right arm seems to be improving.  I was using my right hand/arm/shoulder when I turned at the end of a pool length.  I have now completely switched to using my left arm and my right one feels way better.  Also I've been very careful about picking up and carrying stuff with my right arm.

And that's the state of me so far this morning.
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