Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Today has cost me a fortune in Kleenex

My nose has run all day.  Some sneezing but mainly just running.  Not cold. Not the flu.  No other symptoms beyond crappy attitude caused by running nose.  It's like I'm allergic to something but what? I have not been anywhere since I got home from the pool at 8 am.  Today has been like a million other days but all those days has regular nose not runny nose.

I'm trying to fix it by being grateful for all that it could be and isn't but, frankly, that's wearing off. I'm tired of blowing my nose and I'm not impressed by the mound of wadded up Kleenex.  I actually thought I'd gotten some new, improved lotion Puffs but either I didn't or they are hiding in someplace that I'll never find.

On the up side... I ordered, back when I was mad at Amazon, a flat wireless charger from New Egg. It was sent from China, via slow boat.  It finally arrived today and totally didn't work.  Deadsville.  $18 down the drain.  Ok, so I'll return it.  I don't really trust New Egg but it will only cost me a couple of bucks in postage. So I printed out the RMA stuff and address label and then went to Amazon to get one.

They actually had the same one for $19. And it had a lot of good or pretty good reviews.  So I started looking at them.  The first one said that the charger worked but the USB cord sent with it was a dud... ? really?  So I hauled mine out again and plugged in one of my own USB cables and BAM!  Works fine!  Who the hell would have thought of that?  Not me but I'm sure grateful for the info.

Edit 10 minutes later: This is why I keep a journal.  Apparently I blew some of my brains out as well. It was only after writing this entry did it freakin' dawn on me to take something. I have OTC allergy pills in the bathroom drawer unloved and getting old.  They have one less brethren to commensurate with now.  Doh!
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