Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Last night, just as I was getting ready to start making dinner, I saw a tweet that Seattle City Light was going to cut off power in SODO.  I live right on the edge where SODO meets Pioneer Square at the south end of downtown.  So I watched twitter and they then noted the outage would be along Occidental between King Street and Royal Braum Way.  The street under my terrace is Occidental. King Street is to the left and Royal Braum is down 2 long blocks to the left.  hmmmm.  They were trying to fix an electrical box that some car hit on Wednesday.

I plugged in my phone and my tablet and made sure I could get to the closest flashlight and just waited. I thought about turning off the other main computers. I thought about calling the building manager and maybe Ann and Ron. But I didn't do any of that.  I just waited.  Finally I was too hungry to wait any more so instead of the dinner I planned, I made some quick and easy pasta with fancy Italian ham.  And then I waited.  Finally they said that the outage would last an hour and I figured out that they had cut the power and I still had juice.  Yeehah!!


howeird gave me a great idea for next Christmas. I'm going to bus or train up to Vancouver, BC on Christmas Eve and stay at this lovely Marriott in the West End.  For dinner, I'll go to La Brasserie.  They a nice pool at the hotel so I will not have to miss swimming on Christmas day like I do here.  And then I can come on home.  I'm loving this plan.


I think I'm going to be taking my smaller chromebook to CES.  Neither the phone or the tablet are proving strong enough to handle my needs.  Especially in a hurry. I don't want to be wasting time waiting for info.  It was a noble thought but I want this trip to be great, and not frustrating.  So I'll leave the tablet at home.


My swim this morning was good.  I got to just past the mid point and kind of hit a wall.  The music on my player was not doing it for me and the whole thing was kind of a slog.  I have taken to keeping a playlist of Queen for just such an occasion and I switched over to that.  Nothing like hearing that you are champions to kick your swim into gear.  The rest of the mile and then some was glorious.  But, I do need to redo the other playlists.  Mix it up a bit.


Nothing on the agenda today.  I may do some laundry...
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