Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

LJ lives

In the early 2000's when LJ was hot, my friends list was a healthy read.  And then came Facebook.  Many left. I stayed. But reading my friends list of entries was not as much fun.

I tried participating in friend frenzies or friend finder memes but since they tend to attract people who mainly post privately and gear their journals to people who know them well, I was often lost and confused.

A while back (short while actually), one of the people on my friends list was complaining about the lack of quality entries in a friends of friends list because of all the silly communities and RSS feeds.  I had suffered the same problem myself.  So I wrote to LJ Help and got a fast answer and a cool filter.  So I started, routinely, reading my filtered friends of friends list ( and found lots of fun, interesting new journals to read.  As I find them, I move them to my own friends list.

And now my friends list is health again.  I love reading the journals of people who are just reporting on their lives and their thoughts about them.

Live Journal has, for more than a decade, given me a wonderful place to express myself, record myself, think out loud, save stuff, and share stuff.  But, also, learn from, be amused by, meet and enjoy a wide range of people from all over the world.

I'm very grateful.  Thanks to new friends and old.
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