Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Techno Pro-jay

So the whole take the tablet instead thing has gotten me thinking and testing and playing.

How practical is it for me to do what I do everyday on a tablet?  Or even on my phone?  Randoms:

  • Typing is one obstacle.  I have not developed the skills needed to be a great onscreen typists - phone or tablet.

  • In my embarrassingly giant trove of collected hardware I have located both a fullsized bluetooth keyboard and a teensy weensy one.  Both work.

  • I have yet another keyboard - this one a keyboard case - for the tablet, coming tomorrow.

  • Speed is another factor.  My phone, a Nexus 5, actually has a beefier processor than my Nexus 7 tablet. I have no idea how much beefier but the action is better in practice.

  • The Nexus 7 tablet is not always well behaved.  The phone seems far steadier and more reliable.

  • Websites tend to default to 'mobile' versions which are generally not at all satisfactory. Often you can click to non-mobile but sometimes it is trickier than that.

  • I need Flickr, Google +, Twitter, Gmail, and, of course, reading/writing at LJ.  (I already use the phone and/or tablet for Kindle and Audible and games.)

I think I'm going to put this laptop away and see how phone/tablet living works.
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