Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Kind of a techy milestone

I started my pile and packing list for CES.  Last year, I downsized hugely but only taking my small chromebook and it was great.  But in this past year, I have made the total switch to chromebook.  I have a Windows laptop, I use for a very few things - like editing my brother's newsletter in Microsoft Publisher, but for everything else, I use a chromebook and it works fine.  I got out the small one today and kind of discovered it wasn't really very small and with the power brick, do I need all that?  No.

So this year, I'm taking my Nexus 7 in a bluetooth keyboard case.  No powerbrick. A much smaller footprint.

The chromebook has 3G connectivity built in but...  for $15, I can turn my phone into a wireless modem at a much faster speed if I can't find wifi.  So the tablet/keyboard will have all the connection it needs.  (I can add the option to my T-Mobile plan for a month and then take it off.)

I love this idea.  Between my phone and tablet, I have an incredible amount of on-the-fly computing power.  A chromebook laptop would just be overkill and I can far better use the packing space for swag!!


I just heard the Christmas Duck go by.  The road under my terrace is on the regular Duck boat route but usually we don't get the Christmas Duck boats.  Interesting.
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