Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Size does matter

I quit smoking, quit dieting and turned 50 all about the same time-ish.  I gained a few pounds.  A veritable truckload, actually.  And, it was fine, really. I have no aspirations to live a long life. I have no need to look like supermodel.  I have no need or desire to dress up or even wear non-knits that much.  So, it's all good.

Except.  My sweet doctor asked me to lose 10 pounds.  So I changed from aqua aerobics to lap swimming and from going 3 or 4 days a week to going 6 or 7.  I briefly flirted with small eating changes, like trying to cut down night time snacking.

As a result, I've been losing a little here and a little there. I was about 236ish.  I did drop the doctor's 10.  And I've continued to drop a pound every couple of weeks or so.  Now I'm at about 215.  Not huge or even celebratory but what is worth the little dance of joy is that my shape has changed a bit and I've moved into the next cheaper group of clothing sizes.

Women's clothes run the normal sizes starting at supermodel and going up to 12, 14, 16, 18 and then into fat sizes 1x, 2x, etc.  Generally, the price of anything up to 14 is the lowest end of the scale.  Then they start packing on the surcharges.  16, 18 and 1x get slapped with one surcharge and if you require 2x and above, you get to pay even more.

I've been paying even more for a long long time.  But, recently, I bought some new stuff - stuff to take to CES and some fleece pants for staying warm in the house.  All of them have been 1x (or XL) which gets the lower rate.  I ordered a bunch of t-shirts for next Summer and some to wear under long sleeved blouses in Las Vegas (to hide my bruised arms).   I ordered them all at 1x.  My order was $55. Had I ordered 2x or 3x like I'm used to, my order would have been $75. They had a 'free shipping and free return shipping' special on so I figured I could just return them if they were too small.

But, no need to send them back at all!! They all fit perfectly.  Nice.


I did yard work today.  I had two potted plants that needed more soil so I gave them some.  The end.  I hate yard work.


I caught the weirdest action on my brother's webcam today. He had moved all the computers off of this one counter and was wrapping what looked like meat.  I asked.

He spent last weekend smoking barbecue ribs for all his best customers!!  He was packing  giant slabs of ribs on ice into fancy plastic (like tupperware but way nicer) boxes and tying them up with giant gorgeous purple (his brand color) bows.  Giving meat for Christmas would never fly in Seattle but there are some very lucky Texans out there tonight!  And I'm quite jealous.  My brother is an excellent and inventive cook but he's a freakin' rock star on the grill/smoker.
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