Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I love to eat.  I do NOT love to cook.  I can cook, I just do not enjoy any aspect of it.  I used to have a friend who didn't cook and when asked about it she would state her theory: "Everyone is given, at birth, a fixed number of meals that they are required to cook in their lifetimes. I got a low number and finished all mine off early on.  I'm done."

But every once in a while - like maybe 2 times a year - I get a little inspiration and give it a whirl.  This week, I wanted a tomato.  I love tomatoes. Not the ones we get out here in non-sunny Seattle but even those - when I am tomato staved - are better than nothing.  For various reasons I did not get to a regular grocery store but stopped at Grocery Outlet which rarely has one-offs of any produce.  A box of 12 Roma tomatoes was $.99.  What the hell.

I've now had several and they are vaguely reminiscent of tomatoes.  Today, I was cleaning up the kitchen and spotted them and thought... hmmm what if I baked a couple?

So I carved the center out of a couple of them:


And then added in a half pinch of kosher salt and a turn of ground pepper. Then I mixed up some grated cheddar with a little mayo.


Then I stuffed the tomatoes (and tucked in a few capers - would have mixed them in with the cheese but didn't remember in time) and topped with a few fine bread crumbs.


I have never heard of this before so the result will be a true mystery.  I'll report after dinner.
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