Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I came up with my neighbor down the hall - I think of her as Mickey's Mom since her oh so sweet dog is named Mickey - allowed as how she and her husband (and Mickey, I presume) 'have taken to just hibernating on Seahawks Sundays.'  I think there's more than a few of us who do that.  Of course, for me, it's not a huge thing to spend all day inside my condo.  There's no good swimming solution on Sundays anyway.  I might go to brunch but, I can also whip a lovely one up here which is exactly what I will do when I finish this entry.

It was raining last time I looked which could account for the Seahawkians not being so loud this morning so far. I'm sure that will change.  I honestly don't mind.  When I bought this condo, there was a huge domed stadium where the Seahawks stadium is now.  So I knew from the get go that living across the street from sporting events would be a major part of living here.  I kind of like it mostly.

I a still in bed as I type this.  It's almost 10:30.  I've been awake since about 7.  The computer has kept me amused and then I finished listening to my latest audio book.  This one - Kiss Me Last - was amazing.  It's the first novel of Lottie Moggach and it was beautifully done.  I sure hope she's nearly finished with #2.   My word, I just googled her and discovered that her mother is a rather famous author whose books include the one that was the basis for the Marigold Hotel movie and her brother writes gardening/cookbooks.  Wow.  Genes.

The I picked my next audio book and got it downloaded and queued up - a mystery/thriller about a couple who live in a floating home in Seattle - He's Gone.  I hope it's good but it kind of sounds like it could go either way.

Zoey the canary gave the latest duvet a thumbs up and we both slept really well last night.  Now I'm hungry so time to get up, get dressed and figure out how I want my eggs this morning...  I leaning towards poached...
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