Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Where the fuck did I put that?????

I've often said that one of the biggest benefits of living alone is that no one hides your shit.

One of the biggest downsides of living alone is that there is no one to blame it on when you can't find your shit.

Last weekend I bought a double box of Breathe Right strips. Those things are not cheap.  I got them home and I remember taking the cellophane off the boxes and then they just evaporated.  I finally decided, after looking everywhere, that I tossed them out in a fit of cleaning up the packaging stuff.  I was not happy with moi.

Last night, when I opened the drawer where I keep the Breathe Right strips, it dawned on me that there were a whole lot in there... DOH!  I had unboxed the new ones and added them into the mix.

Today, I tossed last night's coughing duvet cover into the Goodwill bag and got out another oldie but goodie.  This one did not smell musty but just to be on the safe side, I figured I'd Fabreeze it.

Where in the hell was there Fabreeze?  I think I looked for a solid hour.  This condo is a 1,300 square foot loft. There are just not that many places to hide a giant bottle of Fabreeze.  I think under the drug stash (drugs as in inhalers I haven't used yet - they come in big boxes) in the bedroom bookshelf/night table canvas 'box' is as good a place as any.  At least I found it.


I had a great swim and even great breakfast/catch up with seattlejo.  She went off to shop. I stopped by Office Depot to drop off a UPS return and then came home.  When I come home from the South, I use the small access road that runs along side the stadium. It's home to about 5 different 'pro' shops selling sports stuff, mainly Seahawks.  They were, every one, packed to the gills.  There is not much parking and many many cars fighting for the spots.  It took me 3 times longer than normal to get through the 3 block long road.  I am VERY glad to be home.

I plan to rule from here until after Sunday and Sunday's Seahawks game.  
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