Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Zoey is my canary

Zoey has taken to sleeping either up by my head or down by my feet.  Every night. All night.  Until last night.

I replaced the comforter on the bed yesterday with a duvet and cover that has been in storage for a while.  When I got into bed last night, I realized it was kind of musty and was sorry I hadn't Fabreezed it but I was tired and sleepy and said 'fuck it'.  Zoey hopped up on the bed but before I was asleep left and didn't come back.  Weird.

I woke up once coughing but went back to sleep.  But a couple of hours later, I woke all the way up and realized that I'd been coughing for a while.  Zoey was nowhere to be found.  The duvet cover!!  I threw it off and dragged a quilt out of the quilt chest and went back to sleep.  When the alarm went off, I realized that the coughing had stopped and Zoey was back in her spot.

Next time I'll pay closer attention. If she's not there when I sleep, check/replace bedding!!

Today is swimming at 8:30 and then I'm meeting seattlejo for breakfast.  It's been way too long since we've had a good visit.

There may be a grocery visit. I don't really need anything but this may be the last day before it gets too crazy to get anything until the end of next week.  There will absolutely be a complete sniffing, re-evaluating, sorting for Goodwill of all bed covers.  I have lots of options and it's time to cull anyway.  I sure don't need to sleep with shit that makes me cough.  
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