Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Gay marriage in Utah?????

Seriously, yesterday I was looking at a map showing all the states that now allow single sex marriage and pondering the states that will never go for it...  The list was short but Utah was sure on it.  I am shocked and delighted.


My decision to pass on the 6 am swim this morning turned out to be more smarter than I even knew.  The pool is probably 100 feet in elevation above my condo.  When I got there for the 11 am swim, there were a few tiny pockets of snow left in tree wells down here.  But the pool had lots of snow on the grass and a fair amount yet on the sidewalks. I was really glad to have my boots on.  The lane swimming was really crowded but the 12 pm shallow end exercise class - usually full of very large, sweet, ancient ladies - had only one participant.


Zoey is really attached today. I've done a lot of moving around the house - changing the sheets and duvet on the bed, doing laundry, fixing this, putting that away, moving from room to room. Usually she hangs in one place and ignores me but today, she's hot on my heels.  The duvet is one I pulled out of the chest and have not used for a while so there were all manner of smells that need to be sniffed about it.

The reason I've not used that duvet is because it is heavy and when stuffed with my regular down comforter, it really need Minnesota to be comfortable.  But, last time I was at IKEA, I bought their (dirt cheap) thinnest/lightest duvet.  So today's that's the one I used and 1. It is WAY easier to get stuffed in evenly and 2. makes this sucker the perfect Seattle weight.  Win!


My friend, Scott, from New Zealand sends me a wall calendar with luscious Kiwi scenes.  This year he sent two!  A large one and a smaller one.  The smaller on is the perfect size for hanging right here at my chair. Someone coming into the room can't even see it and I can see it easily at a glance.  Nice.  The big one went on the bulletin board.  I do love the beautiful photography that New Zeland makes.  They have about 8 gazilion holidays so even if you don't write a single thing in, you always look really busy!  Cracks me up.

Scott and his wife are coming to Seattle on July 4.  They will be here for about 3 days which will be fun. I do need to figure out some kind of car arrangements so that the three of us can get places.  Just across the street are four as-yet-unused Zip car parking places.  If they start using them, that might be just the right thing.  Or I could just go to Enterprise.  But I need to noodle out the solution by about May since waiting to the last minute for a busy holiday weekend will not be smart.


I have been on a big jag of breakfast for dinner.  Anita will not be back to cook until February and I am sick of my own cooking but I don't mind making breakfast.  Breakfast variety is also easy.  Sausage one night, bacon the next.  Scrambled eggs, fried eggs, poached eggs...  I like much of the premade freezer stuff - potatoes, waffles, french toast.  So I've been cycling through the options and enjoying them all enormously.
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