Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Retired Time

One of the luxuries of being retired is having time.  Time of do shit.  Shit that was rarely, if ever done peacefully, efficiently and timely in my working life. And shit that is just frivolous.


  • Finished off yesterday's bear

  • Reconfigured the nearly dead laptop so that my very very occasionally used EyeFi card will still work on those rare occasions when I use the stand alone camera - reconfiguration necessary to eliminate that annoying error message.

  • While in the wires, I also mounted the other external drive, just in case.

  • Then I spent some time tidying up those wires.

  • Called Roku. Then remembered my Roku is, indeed, the model everyone but me thought it was.

  • Pulled out the Medicare Advantage plans, picked one and enrolled.

  • Did a poor man's laminate of my Medicare card. Trying very hard not to, I managed to get a Zoey hair under the tape.  She'll now be with me forever - Medicare-speaking.

  • Made a PICK UP sign and took the soundbar downstairs.

  • 'Rebooted' network on TiVo a couple of times to see if upgrade was ready.  It wasn't, it wasn't, it WAS - restarting now.

  • Started packing list for CES

  • Testing portable charger on my phone.

And now I'm going make me some lunch!
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