Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I slept so well last night that I blew right through my alarm.  I woke up at 6:15 but still managed to be at the pool's edge ready to go in when it opened at 6:30.  If it weren't for inhalers and pills, I probably would have been there too early!  The swim was very good.  Lately, the pool has not been at all crowded.  I've had times when my whole hour was in a lane  by myself.

The only thing on my agenda today is to take the Sound Bar to UPS but, now that I think about that, I can just leave it for the UPS guy down in the package bin (in the garage)...  I think I'll do that.  Worst case, he won't pick it up and I'll have to run it over to Office Depot. No biggie.

Zoey is really into knocking shit off of shit.  She used to leave stuff alone mostly but no more.  This morning I found my blood pressure pills all over the bathroom floor and it was clear at least one had landed in her water bowl...  maybe that will chill her down a bit if she drank any of that water (which she probably didn't).

My tennis elbow is becoming really annoying.  I iced it down last night and that made it feel instantly better so I guess I'll be doing more of that.  I've pretty much stopped using my right arm (the one with the bad elbow) for turns in my swimming.  But, I think knitting is also not doing it any favors and I have not yet noodled out how to knit with one hand.

Oh and I think I'll tackle the Roku issue today. I think the Roku service thinks I have a model 2 when I actually have a model 3.  This is not huge except there are some Roku channels that do not work on 2 but do work on 3 but won't work on mine since it thinks it's a 2.  I sent an email with my serial number asking why the channels wouldn't work on my Roku 3 and the response was 'that channel is not available on your Roku 2.'  Soooo.  Today we go to plan B which is either phone call or chat.  I think we're starting with chat.

But, first, I need to get up, get dressed (I just toss a robe over my swimsuit to go to the early morning swim and toss that robe over myself to get home), and maybe get another cup of coffee.
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