Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

One fail down... onward

The hard drive and the soundbar arrived just as I got home from swimming (which was excellent, by the way).

The soundbar was a fail.  The bluetooth bit worked fine but, I have to say that I was not that impressed with the quality of the sound and I'm not that picky but my little portable speaker really sounds better and my internet radio REALLY sounds better.

But it turned out to be mute since I couldn't get it working with the TV.  There are four different ways to connect it and I tried all four.  Nada.  Lights blinked, remote worked, actually everything worked fine except I could not get the TV sound to come through it which was... kind of the point.

Amazon has a 30 day technical help line for free for this product so I called 'em.  Nice nice guy.  But no way was he 'technical'.  He basically read from the instruction manual - which I had already read thoroughly - and finally he declared it broken.  I don't think it is but the bloom is off the rose and I was ready to send it back.

I have other bluetooth speakers, the very soon to come TiVo update will fix the Closed Caption issue and in making sure I had the TV set up correctly, I found an audio setting that is supposed to enhance dialogue.  So heck, I'll take the $100 back and save it for something else.  I tried a soundbar and now I can more on with my life - soundbar free.

Now it's on to the hard drive replacement.  
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