Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy Tuesday

I love the show The Sing Off. I've watched every season and enjoyed it enormously.  This year there is one group - Home Free - that is just delighting me.  At the first episode, I looked them up.  They had music in iTunes.  And they had CD's on their website.  But no mp3's for me.  Today I checked Amazon again and there they were!! 5 albums. I only bought 3 because 2 are Christmas and I'm kind of done for Christmas music this year.  But the other 3?   Merry Christmas to me!  And the last of my gift card meant I paid only $6 for all three.

The coolest, however, followed the purchase.  Amazon MP3's download automagically via my Windows machine to Google Drive.  Once they are downloaded, the Google music player on my phone and tablet has them right away BUT...  now they are also available to my internet radios!!!  I hit 'buy' and 5 minutes later, I was playing them (via the still very crappy android app) on my radio.

And I haven't gotten out of bed yet today - well, except to get coffee and bring it back.

Living in the future just rocks my ass.

On Google Plus, this morning, I learned that Amazon Prime has a free book of the month club called Kindle First.  There are a lot of free books on Amazon but really too many.  I love this idea of once a month - four selections.  I can handle that.  I need to read more - I have books piling up on my Kindle.  It's not like I don't have time!!

My new hard drive and my new sound bar are both coming today.   I'm a bit of a hardware dunce so I'm not looking forward to installing the hard drive but I am really interested to see if/how the new sound bar works.  Meanwhile, my TiVo is getting an update that is supposed to fixed the closed caption problem I've been having - ugly, and on a non-transparent background.  And, closed captioning on Netflix?  Interesting developments.

Today is swimming at 11.  The past two Tuesdays, the pool has had emergency closures.  I'm sure hoping that today breaks that mold!
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