Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Ready... and only 20 days to go

The cheap pants I ordered for CES arrived and they are 100% perfect in every way. They fit great, they look great and they feel great.  Yahoo!  I also developed a plan to cover my ugly blood bruises if they don't heel and still be cool enough for a crowded exhibition hall or the sun of Las Vegas.  And I think I can get everything I need into my 20" bag - including my purse and electronics so I don't have to carry shit and don't have to check anything.  My way to travel.

I've been tracking Las Vegas temperatures on the computer monitor that I also use to track the weather here and in Georgetown, TX.  where my brother lives.  Right now it is night in all three and 60 degrees in LV, 50 degrees in Texas and 45 degrees here.


I bought something at Walmart last Saturday. I had it here, in the kitchen, because I remember taking the cellophane off of it.  And then... it disappeared.  I wish stuff didn't do that.


Years ago - early 70's - I got a job as a marketing rep for IBM. They sent me to a territory in very rural South Carolina.  I lived in a town called Greenwood.  I loved it.  I had a fun group of friends and I was making money and on my own.  Even now, some 8 states and many decades later, I still get a jolt when the local news mentions something happening in Greenwood.  They mean the large, old second of Seattle but my brain goes right to South Carolina and that sweet sweet town.  (Tonight it was a commercial for Greenwood Heating and Cooling...  we needed a LOT of cooling in the South Carolina Greenwood.)
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