Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I started the day with a wonderful swim.  There was a big sign, left over from yesterday, announcing that yesterday was the last day of lessons.  Yeah!! Sundays without the short person mayhem.  And then I realized that the next two Sundays are Seahawks home games which means using my car is problematic.  Oh well.  Clearly, I'm not meant to swim on Sundays.

But Mondays are glorious.  Several of the regulars were missing and I had a lane to myself for an hour.  Nice.

Today is laundry day.  This is because my dirty clothes hamper is full and why not.

I am trying to not do stuff with my right arm. I have a smidgen of tennis elbow that I would like to make go away.  I think it's exacerbated by the turns I do in swimming (which I have now nearly successfully transferred to my left arm) and picking up stuff. I am right handed to it's my goto elbow.  It's not bad but I don't want it to be.

I seem to be 24/7 all about one ailment or another.  I think it's a combo of old age and lack of distractions. None of it is particularly fatal (well, the old age could be, I guess) and I'm pretty darned lucky that nothing is worse.

No plans for today. Bear knitting, etc.
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