Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

You're so bright, we almost called you sun

Whenever I did something stupid (which I remember as being frequently) my Mom used to say "You're so bright, we almost called you sun."  I hear it in my head all the time still.

This afternoon, I spent several hours - the afternoon, actually - building my first Android app.  Or rather, using an even-a-kid-could-do-it building blocks My-First-App app.  And I wasn't building, I was trying to build.  I wanted one button that I could hit and start a timer that would, in 4.5 hours would play a sound on my phone.  I finally gave up.

And then I looked in the app store and found a handful or more apps that pretty much do just what I want.

Can I get my hours back, plz?


I hate not swimming on Sundays.  I may start going to the West Seattle pool again.  It opens at 11 and is better than nothing.  My own pool opens at noon but is full of small, loud people there for swimming lessons and the lanes are full of lane hogs and divas so I gave up going there.  But not swimming for a whole day isn't working out that well, either.
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