Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Turns out my big radio festuche of yesterday was probably not a mandatory upgrade.  Logitech's servers were down and had I fiddled another hour or so I might have gotten my old service back.  But, eventually, I'd have to upgrade and now that I have, I've decided to live with it.  I found some more shortcommings  but I've decided to overlook them and just be glad I have my two beautiful sounding love radios back.  They still do what I need and want them, too and I'll get used to the new ways.


I screwed around on the computer in bed for hours and finally decided it was time to get up and do something.  The first something I wanted to do was retrieve something I'd left in the car.  The car is down 3 floors to the garage and then down another floor to the subgarage.  I figured as long as I was going that far, I'd just get in the car and drive a mile down the road to Denny's.

There is no Seahawks game here today so I had free access and egress for me and the car.  Denny's doesn't 'do' football games so there was nothing blaring on the TV.  There were also precious few people in there - on Sundays it's usually packed.  I think everyone was elsewhere watching the game.  It was nice and peaceful.

I'm still reading Sonia Sodomayer's bio and enjoying it.  I am reading the library's Kindle version.  I generally get most of my Kindle reading done in restaurants.  So one book takes me a while to get through.  Today she was talking about being in high school and having her college decision directed by the movie 'Love Story' - she saw the beautiful campus behind the story.

I was a few years (4 actually) ahead of her and my college years were also influenced by a movie...  'Where the Boys Are'.  That's when it first dawned on me that in college you got to stay out all night if you want and drive to Florida or anywhere you really wanted to go.  Yeah you could get in trouble but OMB what fun it was going to be on the way!!!

Again, note, I did not grow up to be a Supreme Court Judge and this book is really illuminating the reasons...


I am using my phone to help me remember to use my Combivent inhaler.  Just after each use, I use the phone's voice command to set a reminder for 5 hours.  Because 'remind me to use my Combivent in five hours' is too complicated, I just tell it to 'remind me to suck in 5 hours'.  It seriously cracks me up every time.  But, it does work!
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