Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Snow and why I'm not married

Trolling around the internets today there are so many wonderful, beautiful snow pictures.  And there are gripes about having to shovel the snow and it whipped me back to the early 80's.

It was during the 10 minutes or so of my totally doomed marriage.  We lived in Charlotte, NC.   I love snow and, even including the two winters I lived in Minnesota, have never gotten enough of it.  My husband was from upstate New York.  He had snow right up there with dandruff on his Flakes That Annoy Me The Most list.

One Saturday morning, I was sleeping late (anything to avoid being conscious and married at the same time) and I finally opened an eyelid and saw out the window that there was a beautiful blanket of snow laid about and it was still snowing.  Quietly and amazingly.  I hopped out of bed and immediately laid into my husband for not waking me up earlier.  I had already missed hours of it!!!

The world around our house was so beautiful.  I was just enchanted.  I hopped into the shower and then got all snow dressed and went outside to play and my husband had shoveled the walk.

Now, regular snow people see absolutely nothing wrong with that.  I, on the other hand, was horrified that he had scarred what had been our beautifully snowed front yard.  I was furious.  He was six and a half feet of truly puzzled. When he heard I was going outside, he rushed to shovel the sidewalk for me and here I was tearing him a new one.

And this gigantic disconnect was not even the main reason our marriage didn't work.

I still hate snow killers - shovels, blowers, plows, husbands...  But I love love love snow.
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