Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


First of all swimming was just perfect.  Only nicely behaved swimmers were there and not too many of them.  The pool was back to its wonderful cool self.  My earphones, which lately have gotten fiddly, sucked in and worked perfectly the entire time.  It just all came together for a perfect swim.  The lifeguard - one of my favorites - said when I got out 'you look like you swam your limit!' I think I did.

Then it was off to Walmart.  The exchange line was pretty long but I kind of zenned out about it and finally got the deed done.  I forgot one thing while shopping but it's not a showstopper.  Winding my way out of the shopping center that houses Walmart, I spied a place that's been on my 'should try' list for a while - Goldberg's Deli  - so I popped in there for breakfast and it was very good.  That little shopping center used to be great and then was dudsville for many years and  has now risen out of the ashes to have a lot of very handy shops there and nearby.  And since I'll be needing to back to Goldberg's this works out fine.  I just need to be sure and not fall into the nearby animal shelter.  Zoey's quite happy as an only cat.

I got home and when to turn the radio on and hit a Logitech gotcha.  They apparently started an upgrade on one of my radios and knocked the other one off all together.  Blech.  I love these radios and when they work great, they are fabulous.  But today was not a fabulous day.  I fiddled an hour of rebooting and reattaching to the network and rebooting and fucking around until I got them both upgraded and operational.

The radios are going but:

1. The upgrade removed my one-button sleep function and, apparently, there is no way to get it back.
2.  The two (pick whichever one you like best) perfectly functional phone apps was replaced with one that SUCKS DONKEY BALLS and has no alternative.
3.  They eliminated the web page that acted just like a remote - I used it about a dozen times every day.

I am - so not happy with Logitech.

I got all caught up with Scandal last night.  Next episode isn't until February.  I'm ready for a break.  I have plenty on TiVo to keep me busy and then there's Netflix and Amazon.

I stopped to get gas today and banged the crap out of the top of my hand.  There is now a lovely (NOT) fat black and blue blood blister in between the fist knuckles.  I also have a giant one on each arm in addition to several smaller ones from other contacts with hard objects.  Las Vegas (in 24) days will be warm, short sleeve weather - for me (I hate being hot).  But, I will NOT wear short sleeves with arms that look like some dude in the nursing home is hitting on me - literally.  I do have a very light weight long sleeve cardigan ...  that will, unless things get better fast, be my uniform.  Ugh.

On the up side of life, looking out my windows and sliders is just a joy.  Even in the dark last night, they were just shiny jewels.  Now that I know the secret of how to get clean windows, I will be making sure they always are.

It's gray and windy and kind of misty out and if feels cold. I think some hot chocolate is in order.
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