Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Holy I-can-see-your-now, Batman!

Turns out Amira was 100% correct.  She CAN do windows!  She's done the two windows and they are gorgeous!!!  There is no sun out so I can't know for sure there is not streaking but I'm guessing if there is some it will be totally minimal.  This is amazing. I am so glad I had her do this.  She's now working on the sliding glass doors and, without my even asking, she's now cleaning out that gross ugly tract.  Yahooooo!!!!!

I am running out of storage on my desktop windows machine.  I have 2 80 GB drives in it.  The one I keep the system stuff on has room but needs what it has.  The other one is getting really full.  So I bought a 2 TB replacement.  Thank you, Amazon, for the $15 promotional credit.  (Before the credit was applied, the total was exactly half what I paid for one of those 80 GB drives way back when.)

I just now realized it's Friday the 13th.  I kept seeing vague references to superstitions all over the internet but did not connect the dots.  Some days I think I am so sharp and then other days, I'm reminded so clearly that I am not.

Chks and Bals.

Edit later:  She took a full two hours and vacuumed and cleaned the whole terrace area.  It's amazing.  I paid her the same I pay her to clean the whole house.  She said it was too much and I said not this time.  We agreed that we won't wait so long next time and it won't be so much of a job.  But, wow. Just wow.  
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