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My brother owns a pc fix it service franchise which he is moving to a managed IT services business. His business website is in transition and, like a lot of these things, the project timeline has become a bit fictional.  So his old website is gone and his new website isn't yet.

His URL pointed to a page that said 'this account has been abandoned or suspended'.  SWELL message for a business.  So late yesterday, I decided to stick my nose in his business and suggest he, at least temporarily, point his domain name to the franchise's website.  He was all for the idea.  We were in a Google hangout so decided to just do it.  Turns out, I have forgotten a lot of website/domain/URL/how-things-like-this-work nuances.  The task, which should have taken us 2.5 minutes, took an hour and a half while we did it wrong, did it right, didn't wait long enough so did it wrong again.

Goat rodeo. My brother is a genius at the hardware and pretty darned excellent at the software and fairly good at networking but knows very little once the bits come out of the modem.  My expertise is was the reverse. I knew the internet, some networking, a lot of software and nearly zero hardware.  The two of us together were a pretty full service team.  But the me part of us has.. well, use it or lose it... lost it.

Plus, I used to be pretty much of a mental speed demon. I may not have been right, but I was always fast.  Now my brain is in the slow lane. It's funny to watch.

But we did manage to get the job done.  I so want to build his website but while even with slow brain, I could maintain whatever he needed, I have never had  architectural and/or graphic chops for even the simplest of business websites. He knows a guy who's work he admires (and who does deliver) so I suggested last night he talk to the guy and work a deal. If the price is too high, hire him to build a template and I'll do the maintenance for him.  I'd actually love to do this so I hope it works out.


This morning's swim was kind of a slog. For some reason, I didn't really enjoy it as much as I mostly do.  But, the wonderful thing about swimming for me is that even when it isn't the very best, it's still great.  I try, every day, to do a mile in under an hour.  Usually, when things are good, I do a mile plus a few hundred extra yards.  Today, I quit at a mile and it was fine.  It still felt good.  I never ever regret a trip to the pool - well, maybe on the days I get there and they have an unexpected closure... but today was all go systems. Nice.


My housecleaner is coming today to do windows.  I have two large windows and a sliding glass doors.  They are all set in about 4 feet from the side of the building by a terrace, covered on three sides.  So they are somewhat protected but still, after a while, get grimy. I do NOT have the necessary window washing skills.  I've tried all the tricks.  All the different cleaning solutions, wadded newspapers, squeegies... I've tried doing it at night, on cloudy days, in summer and in winter and no matter what I do there are streaks when I'm done - distracting streaks.  Amira says she can do it a good job so I'm willing to give her a try.  If she can't do it right, next time I'll hire real window cleaners.  I hope she can do it cause it's way easier and she's like a whole lot cheaper.  Happily, it is not a sunny day so at least that's in her favor.


And that's really it for the agenda today.

Oh, I did find out that my Medicare application went through. I haven't gotten the coveted card yet, but I was looking on the Social Security site for something last night and I noticed it said I was receiving Medicare benefits.  I clicked through, and sure enough, it looks like I'm all set.  I applied online December 1.  As soon as I get my card, my next step will be to apply for Medicare Advantage which is kind of supplements Medicare.  By the time March 1 rolls around, and my eligibility kicks in, I'll be all set.  Nice.  There are more than a few advantages to getting old and I'm cashing in!
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