Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


After my Amazon rant yesterday, I did finally get a response that indicated someone had actually read my words. The email said they had passed my concerns on to the management of the appropriate team. Thank you!  Turns out I was really just looking for someone to say 'yeah, we fucked up, multiple times, and we're sorry and we're looking into it so it won't happen to you again.'  They also gave me $15 credit which was nice but not what I was after.

Last night, I wanted to order a cheap, flat, wireless charger. I went to Amazon.  But, then, I looked elsewhere. Found it at New Egg for cheaper. It won't get here as quickly but, based on Amazon's recent results, maybe it will get here faster and maybe it will actually get here.  Anyway, I felt a little better doing business at non-Amazon.

I'll get over this miff and go back to spending way too much money there but for now, I'm wallowing in my victimhood.


It's xxx more days til Christmas.  Not my thing.  I generally just ignore it.  In the past few years, I've gone down to Ron and Ann's for dinner on Christmas day and will do that this year.  But otherwise, it's just a day when everything is closed.

It's 25 days until I leave for CES. (Consumer Electronics Show)  Now, that's my thing.  It will be my fourth year but, even more importantly, my third year being there with my brother.  It's our annual time together. His wife stays home and it's just him and me together.  We oooh and ahhh at all the cool stuff.  We stay in a luxury hotel and eat at fine restaurants.  We catch up and share and just enjoy each others company. This year, Southwest did not have great flight times for both of us so we're staying an extra day!

I'll leave Seattle and he'll leave Austin on the Monday after New Year's and we'll stay until Friday morning. We know now, where to go on what days, what not to miss, what to see when, and what to not even try (like get a cab for dinner).  In the mornings, I wake up to a big cup of fresh hot coffee that he's gone down to the coffee shop to get.  This year I am renting a scooter so that, if I run out of breath, we won't have to miss anything if I run out of breath.

I'm collecting my list of booths to visit and things we need to be sure and check out.  I'm so looking forward to it.


Swimming will be at 11 today if, hopefully, the pool is open.  These days, it does not pay to take that for granted.
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