Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

amazon is working my last nerve

Twice in the past month they have just lost my order.  Three times in the past 3 months my '2-day' Amazon Prime delivery came in 3 days.  Once, it came in 4.

Today I bitched yet again to them about my latest lost order.  The email response I got said they would refund my money and on my next order, if I wanted one day delivery to go ahead and order it and then send them an email and they would reimburse me for the delivery charge....  Oh that's simple and straightforward and NO GOING TO HAPPEN.

Both of the lost orders were treated that way, the notes said, because they were not fulfilled by Amazon.  So I sent a note asking them if I restricted myself to only ordering things that Amazon fulfilled would I get better service.

The response was that they would upgrade my current order to one day and I could now expect delivery on December 13.

And they did not answer my question.  Their lovely offer was also a bit bogus since the delivery estimate made when I placed the order was December 13.

They are just pissing me off.  I need to start doing business elsewhere.

Edit later. I am letting go of this. I'm going to no longer be pissed. I'll still buy from Amazon - maybe, probably not my first choice but this is a really stupid thing for me to get all holier than Amazon about so I'm going to not.  I have an outstanding email to them that I haven't gotten a reply for yet and when that comes in, I will read it and file it and take a deep breath.  Which, I can do, because today is a great breathing day so I'm going to focus on not coughing and not on not Amazoning.
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