Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

My fatal flaw - probably one of many

I can order 6 pairs of shoes from Zappos and keep none or one.  No problem.

I order 2 nearly identical bags from eBags and now I can't part with either!!  I have two very large and deep bag drawers. The rule is that I am not allow to bring any new bags into the house unless they fit into those drawers.  If they don't, I have to abstain or get rid of bags.  It's so hard!!


They are both drastically reduced but even so... they have free return shipping... it's ridiculous to keep both.   But, of course, I will.


My house is sooo clean. Before Amira and her daughter got here, I even put clean sheets on the bed and changed the shower curtain. (I have  3 hand painted shower curtains that I rotate whenever I want a new view.)

Plus Amira is coming back on Friday to clean my windows which desperately need it inside and out.


I discovered that WinAmp - a music manager that I have not used in probably 15 years - is very happy to help me manage my iPod shuffle. Nice.  I charged it back up and swapped out some songs and added my Christmas playlist.  Now it's all ready for tomorrow's swim.


I went across the street to get some $$ from the ATM and also got a delicious taco salad for lunch.  All is good.  Zoey is still playing with her bird - now and again. I woke up last night and heard her knocking it about and this morning she's spent some quality time with it.   It makes me smile.


Now I think I'll turn on the heater for a bit and do some bear knitting while I watch my podcasts on TiVo.
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