Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

kind of milestone-y

Today when Julie and Hoai asked me what I did when I wasn't swimming, I promptly responded that I was retired. And I was perfectly fine with that response.

Before today, I would have either said that I used to be xxx or I would say I was retired but then feel totally and perfectly inadequate and devalued because of it.

But, apparently, I'm over that!  Julie did ask what I had done before I retired which was nice of her but she also asked how I fill my days other than swimming and I was back to lame.  I knit and watch tv and play on the internet.  Now, that all seems fascinating, doesn't it?

One of the most difficult things I discovered when I first decided to do this was how to fill my days (and also what to tell people when they asked so I didn't sound like an idiot).  I haven't figured out that parenthetical part quite yet.  But, I'm pretty ok with how I fill my days and with being retired.  Only took 18 months - call me Speedy.
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