Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


My usual retired self wakes up and gets coffee and maybe a snack to take back to bed with the computer where I just piddle around for sometimes hours.  I play games, listen or read my book, surf the web and generally entertain myself until I've had enough and then I get up and get dressed.  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I get up when the alarm goes off at 6 and get to the pool and come back about 8 to do the bed/computer/coffee thing.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, I often do the bed/computer/coffee thing until 10ish when I suit up, run my errands and end up at the pool at 11.

This morning, because it's Tuesday, I was on the way to execute the regular plan when I got a note from my brother that his newsletter was ready for the first edit and it was a big mess.  So I hopped up and dressed and made the bed and got to work.  Turns out the mess was pretty much in his head.

He had been paying (a boatload of cash) to this big time marketing group who provided newsletter fodder among other things. Their stuff was polished but soul-less.  He traded them in for a small team of locals.  So his newsletter is way more personal (and, honestly, I think way better).  But, it did require a lot more tweaking/editing.  Mainly re-writing first paragraphs and then just shining it ups - consistent fonts, style etc.

It look less than an hour to do the first pass.  It will be probably tomorrow before it comes back to me.  And now I've got some spare time before time to leave!

I got Zoey a new toy that came yesterday.  It's a really pretty little laser bird.  The laser is motion activated so when she touches it or whacks it, it wobbles around and the laser comes on.  And then, after about 10 seconds of being still, the laser goes off.  It took her a couple of times to figure it out but then she did and played with it for hours last night and then again this morning.  The cool part is that she can knock it all the way over and it will right itself.  As I type this, she's back at it.  Way more fun than you'd think $12 could give you.  Plus, the place I ordered it from turned out to be a win - free very fast shipping and it came with 'thanks, susan' written on a card!!  Who does that??  Very classy.

I took some really short videos of Zoey playing with it and Google mushed them together into a movie with music!! I'd head about this but since I don't take videos, I'd never seen it before. Clearly I need to start taking more videos. (And better ones.)

Today is my after swim lunch with Dr. Julie.  It's also at a lunch place I've never been to before which just ups the fun in my book. I need to stop at the library on my way to the pool.  One book back, 2 holds to pick up. legalmoose sent me a link to this cartoon this morning which cracked me up. It's all me!!

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