Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


There is something a little broken about the pool's heating/air conditioning system.  They've been working on it for about a week.  They are keeping the pool open (thankyouVERYmuch!) while fighting the good fight.  This morning it meant that the air around the pool was about 64 degrees and the pool, usually about 82 or 83 degrees was about 5 degrees warmer.

We were swimmers in the mist!  Sometimes my goggles fog up from the inside, but today the fog was on the surface of the pool and it was weird.  The water was uncomfortably warm until my body got used to it and then it was ok.  I like it a lot cooler but at least I didn't have to sit in that slated lifeguard chair in a life guard outfit in the cold.

My swim was good.  Even in the hot water, I managed to improve my pace a bit. As long as I do my mile and do it in an hour or less, I'm satisfied.


It's Monday and for me that means laundry day. And that's about it for the action and trills around here.  At least as far as I know now.


I feel substantially better this morning than I have in a while. There was ZERO coughing during swimming today and really no big fits yesterday or so far today.  One thing I have been doing is regularly sucking down on my Combivent inhaler. I have it for 'use as needed' but I have not been really using it a lot. Until now.  It's a every 4-6 hours thing so when I use it, I tell my phone 'remind me in 5 hours' and that has worked nicely.  So that's what I will keep doing.

The problem with this disease (? condition? whatever Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) is that when I sit and am still, for the most part, I feel fine and dandy.  Then I'll get up and move around and find myself panting for air or coughing up a storm or not.  I cannot predict.  Sometimes I feel like I'm on an air diet.  Like the oxygen surrounding me is oxygen light.  When I suck down that Combivent, it does not make things instantly better.   In the movies or on TV when someone is gasping for air and they slap an oxygen mask on them and instantly they breathe better...  not happening here.  But if I can be still and wrestle control, I can make it better.

If I go for a while panting and/or coughing, I then begin to generally feel like crap.  It's like my body is just not happy with the oxygen diet.

And then there's a fun side effect of the inhalers (I also have one that I take twice a day and a third that is once a day).  I often open my mouth to say something and nothing comes out. Or I will sound incredibly sexy with a low throaty voice. Or I will croak like a frog. Or I will sound fine.

And I never ever know until I open my mouth and utter the first sound, what, exactly I'll get.  It's a trip.

BUT, and this is big.  Today I feel good.  And I'm not going to abuse it and I am going to enjoy it.
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