Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Mrs. Kravitz

There are about 9 apartments directly across from me that I can see into easily.  All but four now have occupants and I love it.  The latest to move in was nice enough to set up his giant monitor so that I have full view.  He spent a whole lot of time, last night, working a crossword puzzle on it.  I can see the TV's of 3 of the units.  2 are watching the Seahawks game as I type this.  1 guy isn't home and another couple seem to be just hanging out reading and chatting.  The one cat I saw when it first moved in, I never saw again after the first week.

I love having and watching my neighbors. I don't watch them constantly and I don't even use my scope often (well, I did to see what was on the screen).  I just like having them there, walking around, cooking dinner, watching tv, doing stuff.  It's nice to have people in my life.  Especially low maintenance ones like these.  I'll miss this this Summer when the fucking tree grows its leaves back.

I have been very quiet today.  I've sucked down my combivent (albuterol) at regular intervals.  I've had zero coughing fits.  Zero.  I don't feel great but I don't feel horrible either.

I'm planning on the most comforting of dinners, meatloaf, potatoes and mac and cheese and cottage cheese and maybe a little apple sauce.  I got these fried mac and cheese patty things at Costco last week. They were too expensive and they aren't great but they aren't terrible and they are fast to make ready.  I won't get them again but I intend to enjoy the ones I have.
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