Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This cough is moving into the very unacceptable range.  Last night it woke me up.  It's not always - I can go for hours without coughing at all.  And I have some control - drinking water, for instance.  (Sucking on a lozenge doesn't do much for my type of cough plus, I honestly feel like I could easily cough and choke on something like that.)  I also have a pill that relaxes the coughing muscles and it works pretty quickly and, finally, I have my rescue inhaler.  But still it's driving me a little nuts.

It definitely gets worse when I do anything aerobic - even stupid stuff like changing sheets on the bed. Yesterday I even had a bit of it in the pool which is totally, 100 percent, absolutely unacceptable.  The coughing causes more coughing so the longer I can go without and/or the sooner I can end a fit of it, the better.

There is no cure for COPD (and/or the emphasema/asthma that is actually my issue). It can be worse. I have no wheezing.  Wheezing makes my doctor start jumping through hoops.  This cough, not even close to hoop jumping so it's just annoying. I keep hoping it will get better.

Today I am going to stay as still and quiet as possible and see if I can get by with as little coughing as possible. There is no good pool solution on Sundays anyway, so I'm going to skip swimming.  Stay inside. Not change the sheets. Do as little as possible.  And cross my fingers.

My Tivo is getting backed up and I still have 9 episodes of Scandal yet to watch.  And bear knitting does not make me cough.  I have plenty of good food in the house.  All is good and will be gooder.  Oh and I bought some new fleece pants yesterday so my ass will be comfy cozy.
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