Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Saturday morning adventures

Yesterday, I felt crappy all day.  Nothing really specific just coughing and what I'm beginning to think of as general COPD malaise. This morning, I did not think at all. I just got up and got my bathing suit on and went to the pool.  It was a little rougher than usual.  Hard to cough and swim without drowning but, mostly it was fine and good.  But, when I got out, I felt great.  Weird.

So I went to the new (to me) Walmart.  I wanted pants - black knit pants with pockets.  I had ordered some for CES a few weeks ago from Women Within and now they are backordered and due to shop sometime after I get back.  Er, uh. Not helpful. So I figured I'd hit Walmart and if they no have, maybe Target would.

That Walmart store is fabulous!  The grocery part is full of stuff totally not on any other grocery shelves in town.  They had no pants. I strolled by the yarn aisle to see if they carried my favorite yarn and no. BUT... I spied a 10 pound box o' bear stuffing - my favorite brand and not something I have ever seen in a store.  Stores have the 16 oz bags at $9 a pop.  The 10 pound box had a $20 price tag on it. WTF???? I was pretty sure that was wrong.  I looked up on my phone to see what I paid for the last 10 pound box I bought via Amazon - in September, I paid $45. I looked at their price today and it's $40.

So I hauled that box up to the cash register and asked them to check the price. $20!  Now there's the deal of the year!  (Too bad I don't have a big storage room and/or bigger car or I would have gotten multiple boxes.  But, no need to be greedy. I'm happy with the box I got.)

There was NO waiting at the checkout and I actually had two young girls checking me out who were just as cute and as nice as can be.  It was a totally wonderful experience.  I went on to Target which was not nearly as nice and they didn't have pants either.  By then I was running out of breath and I was hungry.  I remembered this great Jewish deli halfway between where I was at home and I headed that way.

What a great stop that was!! This place is delicious and the staff is as nice as they can be. It was comfortable and just perfection.  I can almost see a Saturday morning ritual.  Swim, Walmart, Stopsky's.  Perfection.

Now I'm home. Everything is put away. I feel pretty good.  Nice.  Now to do something about those pants.  Just did.  Found just what I needed at Roaman's and with their weekend special, I got free shipping and 30% off.  Now if they just get it to me before 1/5/2014 - all will be kewel.
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