Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


UPS has my drugs on the truck for delivery today.  No delivery yet. I was just sitting here thinking that it's kind of refreshing.  Mostly they come in the morning but once in a while, they put us on the late run.  It always seemed as if when I was waiting for something I wanted badly, I got that afternoon run.  Today, I could care less, and I still got the afternoon run.  Kind of tells me it's not personal.

This stash that's coming today will keep me breathing until April! Yeah!!  By that time,  should be safely ensconced in Medicare.


My Discover card is going to do me in.  Periodically, throughout the year, they have deals where they raise their cash back up to 5% for this or that. Usually it's for stuff I buy little of.  But for October, November and December it's for purchases online.  Now, there's my personal sweet spot and I have been making out like a bandit.

Of course, I'm probably spending more, too.  But, I'm enjoying it.  I have, at least twice, hit the 'buy' button with the Discover card cash back incentive as justification.  But in October I got $60 cash back and in November I got $40 so I just figure I'm doing my part for the economy!

Mostly it's a lot of little stuff and it's not easy either. I have a credit on Amazon that I'm trying not to use until the Discover deal ends but Amazon keeps wanting me to use up the credit.  It's not easy doing my part for the economy.

And then today, I noticed that the Discover deal for January is restaurants.  January is when I go to CES and, for a week, and my Discover card will feed me and my brother elegant meals.  We both love fine dining (and hate buffets) and we're staying at the Wynn/Encore which has more top notch restaurants than we will be able to try in one week - 19 to be exact.  So I will be able to take full advantage of that 5%!
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