Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Swimming makes for some unusual pairings.  I swim at the same times for the same amount of time generally every day.  I see some of the same people often but only really in passing.  Enough to say 'hi, howya been', but rarely more than that.  Often, however, someone will introduce themselves so at least we have names.  Julie introduced herself to me a long while back.

She comes to early morning swims sometimes and to midday swims (when the pool isn't open early) sometimes.  She uses the 'easy' lanes like I do.  She's usually there for a half hour and we always swap hi's.  Once when I didn't see her for a week, I let her know when she came back that she was missed and she said she had an emergency family trip to Texas. We've never gotten deeper than that, really.

She's often chatting in the mornings with the woman who dries her flip flops with the hair dryer.

Anyway, the other day, she stopped me and asked me if I was interested in getting together for coffee or lunch one day and I said absolutely!  I gave her my email address.  Today she sends a note with day, time and place - someone else is on the invite and it might well be flip flop drying girl. I don't recognize the name and don't know flip flop's name.  Anyway, in Julie's signature is a link to a website.

And... holy crap... my swim Julie is Dr. Julie who's credentials are very nearly over my head and who's resume is amazingly impressive.  Julie is Iterative Design which sounds to me like answers/fixes all of the hot buttons I have about why user interface software/web pages/applications and communication of same don't work right or can be so much better.

I was looking forward to getting to know her better over lunch and but now I'm fascinated with the prospect!  
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