Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


It is so cold that the 6-9 am Seahawks rally that has graced the stadium parking lot on Fridays was so sparsely attended this morning that I could barely hear their cheers.  I saw them on the way to the pool but usually I can hear them loudly and clearly cheering for the Fox morning TV show after I get home.  This morning I could almost nearly not hear them at all.

But, oddly, in that same cold, there were a record number of swimmers at the pool for the 6:30-8 swim.  My lane was crowded and the locker room was full of peoples' stuff.  The lifeguards told me that the actual number of swimmers broke a record.  And, a couple of the regulars were missing.  Wild.

For the past few months, when I get there for the morning swim, there has been a team of about 25 teenaged girls practicing.  Their high pitched nonstop talking and laughing filled the whole pool building.  This morning, they were gone and in their place was a team of about 40 teenaged boys.  What a difference.  They didn't talk or laugh nearly as much but what splashers!!  The contrast was amazing.

My swim was good.  I have now given out all of the Christmas gift cards to the lifeguards except one. Everyone has been very gracious in accepting. They seem genuinely pleased and grateful. I'm so glad I did it.

I think today is not going to be a great breathing day.  But, if I don't move around a lot or fast, it's not so bad.  And, I got nothing today that I need to move around a lot or fast for so it works out.  I have bears to knit and still more Scandal to binge watch. I decided to just abandon the plan of  trying to stretch out the remaining episodes.  I'll stop when I catch up to the current episodes.

I did take a break last night to watch Big Bang Theory. I don't normally like to see NPR people - it's too disconcerting.  But I got a huge kick out of seeing Ira Flatow and he sounded just like himself.

I do need to clean up the kitchen before I do anything else today. I usually keep it pretty tidy but somehow yesterday that got ignored and it's now a bit of a pit.  
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