Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wednesday this n' that

First off, pink_halen is looking for new LJ friends.  He is a prolific traveler and his journal is rife with amazing travel logs and other nifty treats.  So if you are looking for new LJ friends... click!

The pool was back open this morning and it was great.  It's good, once in a while, to be forced into another pool now and again.  It gives me a new appreciation for my own pool with my own lifeguards and my own regulars swimming with me. It's such a great way to start the day

I, gratefully, take a lot of drugs for my COPD. Most of them cost an arm and a leg (and a lung!).  Just one of my 3 inhalers is more than $100 a month.  Occasionally, to help calm a coughing fit, I take a little capsule called Benzonatate.  My supply was getting low and my prescription was at no refills so I sent my doctor a note this weekend asking him to write me a new one.  The charge just hit my credit card.  $.97.  Nice.

I had asked that he send it to the Costco on 4th but it got sent to Costco.Com instead (I get my inhalers through so easy mistake to make).  No biggie. It's free shipping and I have enough to hold me over.

I'm going to Costco today anyway. I new some other stuff and I'm hoping it I get there when the door opens it won't be too frenetic.  Then once that's done, my plan is to go see about a hair cut.
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