Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

cook day

Chef Anita is here and there will be good eating again starting tonight!

The neighborhood seems to have survived the Seahawks game last night. I haven't been outside yet to check but from what I can see from my terrace, it looks like they tidied up fairly well.  The fans usually do their damage on the west side of my condo building which I can't see from my unit so no telling...

My plans today include swimming at 11.  I need to drop the bears off on the way.

I'm thinking about a hair cut.  My hair has pretty much quit growing but there are bits of it that stick out oddly.  Not oddly like 'oh what cutting edge cool!' but more like 'oh, dear, her attendant must have lost her hair brush.'  So I'm thinking maybe I'll see if someone can just trim off the sticky-outy bits and make the rest look more intentional.

Probably I'll do that tomorrow and also get in my Costco trip.  I have a prescription to pick up and a few other things on my list.

It's cold enough to snow here but dry as a bone.  Sigh.  Of course, if we got the snow I wanted, I couldn't get to the pool so maybe I'd just better nip the snow wishes in the bud.

I was looking for a cable last night and discovered the packages from the insurance - Medicade Advantage programs that I need to review. I think I'll give that a start today - nice occupier while Anita's got the kitchen busy.
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